Mission: Capacity Building is Our Focus

Focusing on the ever-changing media industry, the Fund serves as a nucleus for introducing NNPA members to new opportunities for sustainability.

• Business InSight Webinar Series and newsletter

Branded Content, Promotions, Social Media, Events, & More

Cultivating content and generating funding to empower the Black Community and improve their quality of life.

• Content Development | Sharing and Philanthropy Giving

NNPAF Wire Service, Messenger Awards, Support the Black Press Campaign & more

Acknowledging the historical legacy of advocacy, training is a strategic element in keeping abreast of the changing marketplace.

• Staff Development: Editorial, Sales, and Marketing

Digital Sales Training, Crowdtangle, Public Data Explorer & More

With the goal of feeding the pipeline of future publishers, an investment of time, money, and talent is given to a younger generation of journalists and entrepreneurs.

• Scholarships and Internships

Hands-on skillsets, Leadership development, Real-world experience & more